No Other Organisation in Africa Does What We Do

WeWild Africa was founded in 2019 by veteran conservation experts with 100+ years collective experience in wildlife conservation in Africa. We have worked in some of the most challenging places and situations in the world, with a never-give-up mindset. Through partnerships with key stakeholders and committed organizations and reserves, WeWild Africa is able to make decisions quickly and provide seemingly impossible solutions. Since 2019 the organization has directly impacted over 900 animals through rescue or rewilding.


A Sense of Urgency

Too often animals are left to die due to bureaucratic delays, permitting issues, and fundraising challenges. Our team offers these animals a lifeline, being responsive and capable of addressing urgent situations effectively.


Conservation Veterans

Together, our founding members have over 100 years of expertise in conservation management and wildlife rewilding, demonstrating our deep commitment to holistic landscape management, wildlife translocations, rescue operations, and curbing illegal wildlife trade.

Ego-Free Cooperation

In an environment where NGO collaboration is rare, we distinguish ourselves through ego-free collaboration. As the first NGO to partner directly with local, provincial, and national governments, we bridge gaps and build trust by offering vital skills and enhancing capacity. We avoid an iron-fist approach, always prioritizing wildlife as our number one concern.


Pioneering Approach

We embrace bold strategies in our approach from urgent emergency interventions, state-owned reserves requiring management support, and captive facilities wishing to reintegrate animals back into the wild. We implement fearless and dynamic plans, always ready to start from ground zero.


Funding Resources

From gorillas and pangolins to elephants and cheetahs, WeWild Africa engages with a diverse range of stakeholders, bridging the gap and providing essential skills, capacity, and resources to partners in conservation in need – putting the wellbeing of animals first, always.


What We Do

Our bespoke solutions cater to the unique needs of the African wildlife conservation landscape. 

Emergency wildlife rescues and interventions to secure the lives of animals at risk

Rewild captive animals to support the populations of endangered species

Habitat management that protects critical landscapes for future rewilding


Animals Rescued or Rewilded

Whether they weigh over a ton or less than a kilo, be they small, scaly, furry, or feathery, we are committed to the well being of every animal. 

292 African Buffalos
210 Elephants
123White Rhinos
105 Cheetahs
14 Lions
11 Black Rhinos
6 Pangolins
2 African Wild Dogs
5 Southern Giraffes
1 Badger
11 Black-footed Cats
22 Nile Crocodiles
4 Servals
1 Bengal Tiger
13 Mongooses
1 Grey Duiker
9 Caracals
29 Wildebeest
22 Jackals
38 Bushbabies
5 Vervet Monkeys
1 Black Leopards
Tree Squirrels
1 Largespotted Genet
6 Bushbucks
Common Duikers
1 Meerkat
2 Vultures
Scrub Hares
1 Porcupine

By the end of 2024, we expect to have rescued and rewilded 1,500 animals.