Helicopter Darting and Collaring the Endangered Wild Dog

WeWild Africa champions the protection of the African wild dog, a species as enigmatic as it is endangered. Our collaboration with the Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative focuses on the difficult task of aerial darting and collaring these unique, free-roaming carnivores.

7,000 kms from UK to Gabon; Rewilding The African Wild Dog After 25 Years of Absence

In a global record breaking conservation effort, WeWild Africa, in collaboration with our sister organization, The Aspinall Foundation, has rewilded African painted dogs to Gabon, bringing them back from 25 years of extinction in the area. Seven African Wild Dogs, bred at the UK’s Port Lympne Reserve, embarked on a remarkable 7,000-km journey to their new home in Gabon’s Lékédi Park.