A Historic Homecoming: South Africa Welcomes Back Cheetah from Australia

Edie, a cheetah born in Sydney’s Wild Cat Conservation Centre, made history as the first Australian-born cheetah reintroduced to South Africa, thanks to a partnership among conservation organizations. This groundbreaking effort aims to enhance genetic diversity and support cheetah conservation, demonstrating the impact of global cooperation and meticulous preparation in safeguarding endangered species.

Partner Highlight: Metapopulation Initiative, University of Pretoria, the Wildlife Emergency Fund, and Andrew Malcolm Films

Today we’re relocating a young cheetah from our long-standing partner, The Rietvlei Nature Reserve, to a new habitat in the Lowveld, a vital step in ensuring genetic diversity and long-term survival of the world’s fastest land mammal. A special thank you to The Metapopulation Initiative, The University of Pretoria, and the Wildlife Emergency Fund for their collaboration in conservation over the years.

From Conflict to Freedom: Kalahari the Cheetah

In the remote Kalahari Desert, cheetahs often face severe human-wildlife conflict, particularly in areas with limited tourism where they lack economic value and the cheetah find themselves hunting livestock instead of wild game. Meet Kalahari the cheetah, who went from financial burden to tourism attraction after a successful rescue and relocation by WeWild Africa.

A Year On: UK Rewilded Cheetahs Thrive in Africa

A year has passed since WeWild Africa achieved a world-first by successfully rewilding two captive-born cheetahs, Saba and Nairo, from the UK to South Africa. Today, we are thrilled to report that they are thriving in their new home at Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve in the Great Karoo.