Addo’s Historic Elephant Relocation

On a scale that has never been seen before, WeWild Africa and its partners have taken a monumental step in elephant conservation by orchestrating the first-ever relocation of family groups of elephants from Addo Elephant National Park to three different reserves. This groundbreaking initiative, addressing overpopulation and habitat degradation, reconnected the pachyderms with their ancestral lands and enriched the biodiversity of their new homes.

Elephant Collar Deployment for Community Safety

Facing the imminent threat of overpopulated elephants wandering from Songimvelo Game Reserve and potentially being shot by local communities, WeWild Africa intervened by deploying GPS monitoring collars.

Responding to the Plight of the Pongola Elephants

WeWild Africa and Conservation Solutions confront a severe elephant management crisis at Pongola Game Reserve. With elephants trapped in a narrow, cliff-bordered strip, facing poaching and human-wildlife conflicts, the problem has now breached international lines into Eswatini. Through detailed assessments revealing six distressed elephant families, the team faces the formidable challenge, what do we do with the elephants?