The Wildlife Horrors of Poaching

During a patrol with Hope for Wildlife Helicopter Services and Wildscapes Veterinary Services in a South African reserve, our team encountered the dire consequences of poaching, finding numerous animals, including 9 buffaloes, killed by poachers. A hyena was collared for research to enhance reserve management. This effort, supported by Rhino Connect and the Wildlife Emergency Fund, underscores the urgent need for increased awareness and support to combat poaching.

Understanding WeWild Africa’s Wildlife Rescue Process

At WeWild Africa, our wildlife rescue efforts are deeply rooted in a commitment to the welfare of animals in distress. We respond to emergencies, rehabilitate injured wildlife, and rescue animals from perilous situations with dedication and expertise.

Saved from Culling: A Lioness Relocation

Overpopulation of lions often leads to culling in South Africa. WeWild stepped in to airlift two beautiful lionesses to a new home, where their new genetics would be prized in the expansion of a pride.

A Rewilding like No Other: Mongooses Go to Zimbabwe

No animal is too big or too small, and each individual matters in our conservation of biodiversity. Today we look at the twelve banded mongooses who were rescued and rehabilitated by Wild and Free and now thriving in their new home in Zimbabwe.