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From Conflict to Freedom: Kalahari the Cheetah

The Kalahari, a vast and remote desert, is home to diverse wildlife yet sees minimal tourism activity beyond the Transfrontier National Park. This region is characterized by open landscapes, farming, and ranching, and including both livestock and private wildlife ranching.  In areas with limited tourism, cheetahs, which are endangered and therefore protected from hunting, lack economic value. As a result, they can inadvertently become a financial burden, causing significant losses for livestock farmers – a classic example of human-wildlife conflict. In such scenarios, while wildlife ranchers may be compelled to seek destruction permits for these predators, many opt to contact us at WeWild Africa, preferring to avoid harming the cheetahs.

WeWild Africa’s approach alleviates this human-wildlife conflict by providing support to affected communities and ensuring the cheetah’s welfare through strategic rescues and relocations. 

Meet Kalahari, a wild-roaming cheetah from this remote desert. Our mission was to move Kalahari to Mount Camdeboo. Initially, due to her wild nature, she was placed in a boma at the reserve. After adapting and settling down, we undertook a significant step to transport her via helicopter to the reserve’s northern section, as Mount Camdeboo is divided into two distinct areas. This relocation highlights the extensive measures we undertake to ensure safe and effective movement of wildlife to landscapes where they will thrive successfully. 

We equipped Kalahari with a satellite collar, handled all aspects of her transportation, and committed to her ongoing monitoring. The success of this cheetah’s rescue and relocation was a collaborative effort, made possible in partnership with Cheetah Outreach and Old Chapel Veterinary Services.


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The work carried out by WeWild Africa is only possible with the support of individual donors like yourself. You can join us and help us to rescue wildlife, rewild animals, and restore landscapes. 


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