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Damian Aspinall

Damian Aspinall is a distinguished conservationist renowned for his innovative approach to wildlife preservation. Raised by wildlife lovers and enthusiasts, Damian developed a profound connection to nature from an early age. He has spearheaded groundbreaking efforts in breeding and reintroducing endangered species, such as gorillas, black rhinos, European bison, and cheetahs, back into their natural habitats. His advocacy extends beyond traditional conservation, emphasizing the closure of conventional zoos in favor of expansive, natural habitats for captive animals. Damian’s vision and leadership have significantly contributed to the ethical treatment and preservation of wildlife, making him a respected and influential figure in global conservation efforts.

Dereck Milburn

Dereck Milburn

Dereck Milburn is a specialist in protected area development, wildlife management, and rapid response wildlife rescues, backed by two decades of experience in conservation and ecotourism throughout Africa. He has implemented some of the most complex rescue missions in the region, including the translocation of more than 250 elephants to date and the emergency dehorning of over 450 rhinos. He has also pioneered most of WeWild Africa’s rewilding missions in Southern Africa with species such as cheetah, crocodiles, serval, and caracal. Dereck’s philosophy is that nothing can be achieved if organisations work in isolation. His key aim is to build an extensive network of likeminded individuals and organisations across Africa to ensure that animals and landscapes can be secured at short notice.

Tansy Aspinall

Tansy Aspinall

Tansy Aspinall is a passionate wildlife conservationist, shaped by her early exposure to endangered species. Her work primarily focuses on the reintroduction of animals like gorillas and rhinos into their natural habitats. She actively engages in raising awareness about the critical need for habitat preservation and the protection of endangered species. Her hands-on involvement in conservation projects demonstrates a deep understanding of the challenges in wildlife protection and a commitment to impactful solutions, making her a key figure in the field of conservation.

Amos Courage

Amos Courage is a conservationist focused on wildlife reintroduction in Central Africa, particularly in the Batéké Plateau region of Congo and Gabon. Since the 1990s, he has led efforts to reintroduce over 50 wild-born orphan gorillas, along with other species like waterbuck, reedbuck, hunting dogs, and lions, to restore the region’s biodiversity. His work has significantly contributed to the revival of these species in areas where they had previously been extinct.


Freya Aspinall

Freya Air Aspinall, an influential conservationist and model, stands out as the only woman in the world known for interacting closely with Silverback Gorillas. 

Having already reached over 80M people worldwide on her social media platforms, Freya is determined to save as many wild animals as possible while inspiring her peers to do the same. Freya shares: ”I have lived with animals my whole life and have been able to develop completely natural relationships with them. No training, no taming – bonds built on pure love and trust. Wild animals belong in the wild and I will not rest until I have saved as many of them as possible.