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Partner Highlight: Metapopulation Initiative, University of Pretoria, the Wildlife Emergency Fund, and Andrew Malcolm Films

In the realm of wildlife conservation, collaboration is key. At WeWild Africa, we’ve long understood this, which is why our partnership with the Metapopulation Initiative, led by Vincent van der Merwe, the University of Pretoria, The Wildlife Emergecy Fund, and Andrew Malcolm Films is at the forefront of our update today.

Pioneering Cheetah Conservation with Strategic Partnerships: The Metapopulation Initiative

The scene is the Rietvlei Nature Reserve, a location where we have been actively involved for many years. Today we are relocating a young cheetah cub to a new reserve in the Lowveld. This move is part of the broader Metapopulation Initiative, aimed at ensuring genetic diversity among cheetah populations across Southern Africa. By moving these animals between fenced reserves, the initiative helps prevent inbreeding and maintains robust, genetically diverse populations.

University of Pretoria Ensures Cheetah Health and Safety

The success of this project was made possible by the continued involvement of the University of Pretoria’s Faculty of Veterinary Science with expert wildlife veterinarians Dr. Jacques O’Dell, Dr. Bart Gazendam, and their students. The team conducted comprehensive health checks, administered necessary vaccines, and collected vital samples for research. Their expertise in safely darting and monitoring the cheetahs was crucial, ensuring the animals’ well-being throughout the relocation process.

Capturing the Moment

Documenting these conservation efforts is vital for raising awareness and support. Andrew Malcolm, with his expertise in wildlife filmmaking, has been collaborating with us to capture these moments. His work not only highlights the importance of these initiatives but also brings the beauty and urgency of wildlife conservation to a broader audience. 

Safe Space Keepers: Rietvlei Nature Reserve

Of course, none of this would be possible without the managers of the safe space for cheetahs. A special thank you to Rietvlei Nature Reserve, managed by the City of Tshwane.  The reserve’s commitment to cheetah conservation has been evident since it introduced a breeding population in 2014. The recent relocation of five cheetah offspring, born to Njozi, a cheetah relocated from the Garden Route Game Lodge, is a significant milestone in their conservation efforts.


How You Can Help

The work carried out by WeWild Africa is only possible with the support of individual donors like yourself. You can join us and help us to rescue wildlife, rewild animals, and restore landscapes. 


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