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WeWild's Emergency Aid for a Giraffe's Birth

While onsite for another conservation project, Dereck Milburn, our director, along with the team from Love Lions Alive, came across a giraffe cow facing complications during her birth. In the wild, a giraffe birth can be a risky event, particularly when there are complications. The mother must remain standing, which leaves her vulnerable to predators.

Long-legged Beginnings

The giraffe has a gestation period of approximately 15 months, one of the longest in the animal kingdom. This extended period is crucial for the development of the calf, particularly for its unique cardiovascular system adapted to a life of towering height.

The calf can grow up to two meters ( six feet) tall and weigh around 100 kilograms (220 pounds) at birth. Despite this, pregnant giraffes continue their daily routines, gracefully navigating the savannah.

Giraffe births are usually a swift affair, with the calf dropping a significant height to the ground, a fall that astonishingly stimulates its first breath. These calves are born well-developed and can stand and even run within a few hours of birth, a vital adaptation for survival in the wild.


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