How Does It Work? Understanding Our Wildlife Rescue Process

Wildlife Rescue timelien long


Overpopulation of lions often leads to culling in South Africa. WeWild stepped in to airlift two beautiful lionesses to a new home, where their new genetics would be prized in the expansion of a pride.

Confronted with obstacles like branches shattering windshields and the necessity to carve new paths through dense bush for nighttime elephant loading in the heart of wild Mozambique, this operation tested our resolve, expertise, endurance, and sheer grit. Our elephant relocation to Zinave National Park stands as one of our most formidable challenges yet. 

WeWild Africa champions the protection of the African wild dog, a species as enigmatic as it is endangered. Our collaboration with the Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative focuses on the difficult task of aerial darting and collaring these unique, free-roaming carnivores.

Makhosi and Mpilo are two white rhinos who were orphaned after their mother was shot by poachers, and found dehydrated and malnourished. WeWild Africa assisted with the rescue, recovery, and eventual rewilding in this heartwarming operation.

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“The Blaauwbosch Wildlife Rescue” was a massive operation led by WeWild Africa in partnership with Wild911 and the Uitenhage SPCA. On November 20, 2019, this mission successfully rescued over 80 animals from the Blaauwbosch Private Game Reserve. The owner of the property was an Arab Sheikh who thought he was above the law, fortunately, the team proved him wrong.