Monumental Two-Day Translocation and Rewilding of 40 Southern White Rhino

Blog Post: Monumental Translocation and Rewilding of 40 Southern White Rhino Through incredible teamwork under challenging conditions, the  Munywana Conservancy in South Africa received a donation of 40 southern white rhino to bolster their current rhino population; the first translocation of many under ‘Rhino Rewild’, an initiative to rewild 2,000 southern white rhino over the next decade.  As the sun rose, the air buzzed with anticipation. The operation was a collaboration of  world-class teams; the […]

Frontline Conservation: Emergency Rhino Dehorning at Loskop

As part of our long-standing partnership at Loskop and the greater restoration and expansion of the reserve in a first of its kind partnership with the provisional government, we stepped in to assist in the emergency dehorning of six rhinos.

Ego-Free Collaboration: Uniting for the Rhino

Showcasing a powerful synergy between government, private entities, and NGOs, we helped dehorn the last two rhinos in the Lionspruit region. Provincial governments often do not have the appropriate funds for such operations. That’s where we, at WeWild Africa, in collaboration with DCM Surfaces, step in – to fill the gaps and ensure that no animal is left vulnerable due to lack of resources.

Race Against the Clock: Rescuing Rhinos in Zimbabwe

When the phone rings for a wildlife emergency, we answer. Five rhinos had been shot, and the remaining rhinos needed to be moved out ASAP. The WeWild Africa team alongside our long standing partner, Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation, mobilized into action. Within three days, a speed unknown in the conservation realm, we were fully funded and on-site with emergency helicopter specialized trucks, crates, permits, vets, and a team of rangers and experts to execute our plan.