Monumental Two-Day Translocation and Rewilding of 40 Southern White Rhino

Blog Post: Monumental Translocation and Rewilding of 40 Southern White Rhino Through incredible teamwork under challenging conditions, the  Munywana Conservancy in South Africa received a donation of 40 southern white rhino to bolster their current rhino population; the first translocation of many under ‘Rhino Rewild’, an initiative to rewild 2,000 southern white rhino over the next decade.  As the sun rose, the air buzzed with anticipation. The operation was a collaboration of  world-class teams; the […]

A Historic Homecoming: South Africa Welcomes Back Cheetah from Australia

Edie, a cheetah born in Sydney’s Wild Cat Conservation Centre, made history as the first Australian-born cheetah reintroduced to South Africa, thanks to a partnership among conservation organizations. This groundbreaking effort aims to enhance genetic diversity and support cheetah conservation, demonstrating the impact of global cooperation and meticulous preparation in safeguarding endangered species.

World’s Largest Vulture Relocation

The first phase of a monumental project to secure the future of wild vulture populations in southern Africa has been triumphantly completed with the translocation of 163 Cape and African White-backed vultures into their new home at Shamwari Private Game Reserve. This collaboration between Shamwari, Vulpro, DHL, and WeWild Africa marks the largest translocation of vultures ever undertaken in the world.

Understanding WeWild Africa’s Wildlife Rescue Process

At WeWild Africa, our wildlife rescue efforts are deeply rooted in a commitment to the welfare of animals in distress. We respond to emergencies, rehabilitate injured wildlife, and rescue animals from perilous situations with dedication and expertise.

Saved from Culling: A Lioness Relocation

Overpopulation of lions often leads to culling in South Africa. WeWild stepped in to airlift two beautiful lionesses to a new home, where their new genetics would be prized in the expansion of a pride.