Restoring Gabon’s Biodiversity Gem: The Batéké Plateau

Between the lush Gabonese rainforests and the savannahs of the Republic of Congo lies an untouched biodiversity wonder- Batéké Plateau National Park. Our sister company has already made historic strides in reintroducing the western lowland gorilla into the national park, along with chimpanzees, leopards, elephants, and giant pangolins. Join us in rewilding this hidden gem into an incredible eco-tourism destination.

Frontline Conservation: Emergency Rhino Dehorning at Loskop

As part of our long-standing partnership at Loskop and the greater restoration and expansion of the reserve in a first of its kind partnership with the provisional government, we stepped in to assist in the emergency dehorning of six rhinos.

Rewilding Loskop: Restoring a Reserve and a Badger’s Return to Freedom

Loskop Dam Nature Reserve, a sparkling jewel set in the heart of South Africa, is soon to see a monumental transformation. Over the next decade, we envision expanding the area of the reserve from its current 23,000 hectares to 100,000 hectares. Against the backdrop of the imminent rewilding of Loskop, there’s a unique narrative taking shape – the tale of Tembe, an African Honey Badger.