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Loskop Dam Nature Reserve

Frontline Conservation: Emergency Rhino Dehorning at Loskop

As part of our long-standing partnership at Loskop and the greater restoration and expansion of the reserve, we stepped in to assist in the emergency dehorning of six rhinos. 

During October 2023, the reserve management team identified a few rhinos which were not dehorned earlier this year in our annual dehorning process. Sometimes it happens that the rhinos hide in thickets and cannot be spotted by the team in the helicopter and therefore they are not dehorned with the rest of the population. Therefore, it is important to respond as soon as these rhinos are spotted. We immobilized immediately by providing a helicopter to dart the rhinos from the air.

Dehorning is an important counter-poaching measure, basically eliminating the risk of rhinos being targeted for their horns. The process involves immobilizing the rhinos, often done via helicopter for safety and efficiency, and an expert wildlife veterinarian carefully removing the horns and performing necessary check ups and gathering data. To learn more about the rhino dehorning process, visit our Rietvlei Rhino Dehorning update.

Our work at Loskop Dam Nature Reserve encompasses various initiatives, all aimed at restoring and preserving the natural ecosystem. From breeding black footed cats, rewilding African Honey Badgers from the UK, to fencing upgrades, and overall wildlife management and ranger training, we are excited for Loskop to become a jewel reserve of Africa. 

Learn more about our Loskop Restoration and expansion project here. 


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