A Rewilding like No Other: Mongooses Go to Zimbabwe

No animal is too big or too small, and each individual matters in our conservation of biodiversity. Today we look at the twelve banded mongooses who were rescued and rehabilitated by Wild and Free and now thriving in their new home in Zimbabwe.

Race Against the Clock: Rescuing Rhinos in Zimbabwe

When the phone rings for a wildlife emergency, we answer. Five rhinos had been shot, and the remaining rhinos needed to be moved out ASAP. The WeWild Africa team alongside our long standing partner, Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation, mobilized into action. Within three days, a speed unknown in the conservation realm, we were fully funded and on-site with emergency helicopter specialized trucks, crates, permits, vets, and a team of rangers and experts to execute our plan.

Technology and Innovation in Conservation: Rhino Monitoring in Imire

WeWild Africa is at the global forefront of innovation in rhino conservation, partnering with Zimbabwe’s Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation. Our joint efforts blend cutting-edge tracking technologies with vital rewilding projects. From testing satellite units in rhino horns to deploying advanced IoT devices, our mission is to safeguard our wildlife with smarter, more effective solutions.