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Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation

Race Against the Clock: Rescuing Rhinos in Zimbabwe

When the phone rings for a wildlife emergency, we answer. Five rhinos had been shot, and the remaining rhinos needed to be moved out ASAP.  The WeWild Africa team alongside our long standing partner, Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation, mobilized into action. Within three days, a speed unknown in the conservation realm, we were fully funded and on-site with emergency helicopter specialized trucks, crates, permits, vets, and a team of rangers and experts to execute our plan. 

We first treated a young rhino bull, who was critically injured from a bullet wound. 

WeWild Africa’s intervention in Zimbabwe exemplifies our readiness to confront wildlife emergencies head-on, with the necessary resources and expertise to deploy timely and strategic action, saving both individual animals and contributing to the great restoration of wildlife and landscapes through Africa. No other organization matches our speed and efficiency in wildlife conservation; WeWild Africa stands unique in its rapid response and effective action.

This is yet another example of an historic rangeland for rhinos which has been lost to rhino conservation.


How You Can Help

The work carried out by WeWild Africa is only possible with the support of individual donors like yourself. You can join us and help us to rescue wildlife, rewild animals, and restore landscapes. 


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