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Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA)

Songimvelo Game Reserve

At Songimvelo Game Reserve, we confront an ever-growing issue: the burgeoning elephant population. This growth has led to elephants straying beyond the reserve and into local agricultural land, escalating tensions. The community was threatening to shoot the elephants. To address this, WeWild Africa, in collaboration with the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA), initiated an elephant collaring project.

We strategically equipped the elephants with GPS collars, enabling real-time monitoring of their movements. This technology is vital for both preventing breakouts, reducing human-elephant conflicts. and also aids in a general understanding of the elephant behavior, a tool for reserve and community management.

This project is part of our broader commitment to collar deployment throughout Africa. We assist countless reserves in funding and deploying GPS collars, showcasing our innovative approach to human wildlife conflict challenges. Throughout our work, we aim to balance the needs of wildlife and local communities, ensuring a sustainable coexistence.


How You Can Help

The work carried out by WeWild Africa is only possible with the support of individual donors like yourself. You can join us and help us to rescue wildlife, rewild animals, and restore landscapes. 


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