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Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative

Helicopter Darting and Collaring the Endangered Wild Dog

In the heart of South Africa’s Waterberg region, WeWild Africa is focusing on one of the continent’s most unique and endangered species: the African wild dog, known for their striking, mottled coats and highly social behavior. The Waterberg wild dogs are particularly special due to their isolation and distinctive genetics, making them the last truly free-roaming population in South Africa.

This freedom, however, presents unique challenges in conservation and human-wildlife conflict management. WeWild Africa, in collaboration with the Waterberg Wild Dog Initiative, collars the individuals, so that the team can monitor their movements and interactions with local communities. This real-time tracking is crucial, especially when the dogs wander onto properties where they might not be welcome. In such cases, WeWild Africa and its partners can proactively inform property owners, mitigating potential conflicts and ensuring the safety of both the dogs and local livestock.

Understanding the African Wild Dog

The African wild dog, also known as the painted dog, is a unique species native to sub-Saharan Africa. They primarily prey on medium-sized ungulates, working in packs to outmaneuver and outrun their prey.

African wild dogs face numerous threats, including habitat fragmentation, human persecution, and diseases like rabies and canine distemper. These factors have contributed to their status as an endangered species, with only a few thousand individuals remaining in the wild.



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The work carried out by WeWild Africa is only possible with the support of individual donors like yourself. You can join us and help us to rescue wildlife, rewild animals, and restore landscapes. 


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