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Orphan Rhinos Find New Home

Join us in the journey of Makhosi and Mpilo, two orphaned white rhinos, as they find their way back to the wild. These rhinos were rescued in collaboration with The Aspinall Foundation, Albus Environmental, WILDTRUST, and Conservation Solutions.  Makhosi, found dehydrated and malnourished in 2016, and Mpilo, orphaned at 9 months old after his mother fell victim to poachers, were both rehabilitated at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. 

Their road to recovery was challenging, as they had to overcome the absence of their mothers during their critical early years. The dedicated team at the orphanage worked tirelessly to prepare them for a life back in the wild. After a month of habituation in a boma and careful dehorning to deter poachers, Makhosi and Mpilo were finally ready. Their translocation to Somkhanda Community Game Reserve, a monumental task involving expert logistics and veterinary care, was made possible through the generous support of The Aspinall Foundation and Albus Environmental. This video captures their incredible journey from tragedy to a hopeful future in the wild, showcasing the power of collaboration and dedication in the field of conservation.

Filming credits: Andrew Malcom Films


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