The Wildlife Horrors of Poaching

During a patrol with Hope for Wildlife Helicopter Services and Wildscapes Veterinary Services in a South African reserve, our team encountered the dire consequences of poaching, finding numerous animals, including 9 buffaloes, killed by poachers. A hyena was collared for research to enhance reserve management. This effort, supported by Rhino Connect and the Wildlife Emergency Fund, underscores the urgent need for increased awareness and support to combat poaching.

Ego-Free Collaboration: Uniting for the Rhino

Showcasing a powerful synergy between government, private entities, and NGOs, we helped dehorn the last two rhinos in the Lionspruit region. Provincial governments often do not have the appropriate funds for such operations. That’s where we, at WeWild Africa, in collaboration with DCM Surfaces, step in – to fill the gaps and ensure that no animal is left vulnerable due to lack of resources.

Innovative Tech Meets Ancient Reptiles

WeWild Africa uses cutting-edge GPS technology to unlock the secrets of behavior and rewilding success of the often overlooked ancient Nile Crocodiles. In collaboration with our long-standing partner DCM Surfaces, we’re leading the way in innovative approaches to support the rewilding of every species in Africa.

Another First for Elephant Conservation: Translocating family groups from Tembe Elephant Park

WeWild Africa’s latest conservation triumph shines with the successful relocation of Tembe elephants, renowned for their majestic tusk genetics, to the esteemed Phinda Private Game Reserve. Each successful relocation enriches our experience and expertise, positioning WeWild Africa at the forefront of global conservation. Our team’s commitment to learning, adapting, and building knowledge ensures the safe and effective relocation of every animal in Africa.