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Ego-Free Collaboration: Uniting for the Rhino

WeWild Africa stepped up alongside DCM Surfaces to assist the government in dehorning the last two rhinos in the Lionspruit region. Led by Beverly Holden, DCM Surfaces has been a cornerstone in many of our operations, providing essential funding and support for emergency interventions. Their contribution goes beyond financial assistance; it’s a partnership driven by a shared vision for a better future for wildlife in Africa.

Dehorning is a proven method to deter poachers, as it makes the rhinos less attractive poaching targets, which are prized for their horn in traditional eastern medicine practices. However, it’s a costly and logistically challenging operation. Provincial governments often do not have the appropriate funds for such operations. That’s where we, at WeWild Africa, in collaboration with DCM Surfaces, step in – to fill the gaps and ensure that no animal is left vulnerable due to lack of resources. Our collaboration with DCM Surfaces is a model for how private entities and conservation NGOs can work together effectively, together ensuring we have the resources to act swiftly and effectively. Thank you as well to Wild & Free for your continued collaboration. 

The dehorning at Lionspruit shows our unique ego-free communication and collaboration model, where governments, private entities, and NGOs all come together for the wildlife. 


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