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Balule Private Game Reserve

Lethal Risks of the Elephant Intrusions at Palabora Mining Zone

In the Phalaborwa region, near Kruger National Park, the issue of elephants breaking out of their habitats, particularly into the Palabora Mining Company area, is a significant concern. The elephants often venture onto the nearby roads, a particularly hazardous situation at night. Our photo gallery captures these elephants on the tar road, highlighting the potential dangers for both the animals and humans, especially in instances of nighttime encounters that can lead to fatal outcomes for both parties.

We received calls to chase the elephants from the mining area. During one operation, we discovered an elephant ensnared, necessitating our immediate intervention for its rescue.

As part of a collaboration of different organisations, we are addressing the Phalaborwa fence line issue through the long-term solution of the construction of a new, more effective fence in collaboration with Balule Private Game Reserve.


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