Understanding WeWild Africa’s Wildlife Rescue Process

At WeWild Africa, our wildlife rescue efforts are deeply rooted in a commitment to the welfare of animals in distress. We respond to emergencies, rehabilitate injured wildlife, and rescue animals from perilous situations with dedication and expertise.

Saved from Culling: A Lioness Relocation

Overpopulation of lions often leads to culling in South Africa. WeWild stepped in to airlift two beautiful lionesses to a new home, where their new genetics would be prized in the expansion of a pride.

Frontline Conservation: Emergency Rhino Dehorning at Loskop

As part of our long-standing partnership at Loskop and the greater restoration and expansion of the reserve in a first of its kind partnership with the provisional government, we stepped in to assist in the emergency dehorning of six rhinos.

Addo’s Historic Elephant Relocation

On a scale that has never been seen before, WeWild Africa and its partners have taken a monumental step in elephant conservation by orchestrating the first-ever relocation of family groups of elephants from Addo Elephant National Park to three different reserves. This groundbreaking initiative, addressing overpopulation and habitat degradation, reconnected the pachyderms with their ancestral lands and enriched the biodiversity of their new homes.