A Rewilding like No Other: Mongooses Go to Zimbabwe

No animal is too big or too small, and each individual matters in our conservation of biodiversity. Today we look at the twelve banded mongooses who were rescued and rehabilitated by Wild and Free and now thriving in their new home in Zimbabwe.

Partner Highlight: Metapopulation Initiative, University of Pretoria, the Wildlife Emergency Fund, and Andrew Malcolm Films

Today we’re relocating a young cheetah from our long-standing partner, The Rietvlei Nature Reserve, to a new habitat in the Lowveld, a vital step in ensuring genetic diversity and long-term survival of the world’s fastest land mammal. A special thank you to The Metapopulation Initiative, The University of Pretoria, and the Wildlife Emergency Fund for their collaboration in conservation over the years.

Innovative Tech Meets Ancient Reptiles

WeWild Africa uses cutting-edge GPS technology to unlock the secrets of behavior and rewilding success of the often overlooked ancient Nile Crocodiles. In collaboration with our long-standing partner DCM Surfaces, we’re leading the way in innovative approaches to support the rewilding of every species in Africa.

Rewilding Loskop: Restoring a Reserve and a Badger’s Return to Freedom

Loskop Dam Nature Reserve, a sparkling jewel set in the heart of South Africa, is soon to see a monumental transformation. Over the next decade, we envision expanding the area of the reserve from its current 23,000 hectares to 100,000 hectares. Against the backdrop of the imminent rewilding of Loskop, there’s a unique narrative taking shape – the tale of Tembe, an African Honey Badger.