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Leopards and Livelihoods: Mitigating Financial Loss through Leopard Relocations

When leopards, natural predators in search of prey, stray into farmlands, they pose a threat and often kill livestock, particularly calves. In Africa, where many farmers operate on smaller scales, the loss of livestock can have a severe financial impact. These economic setbacks prompt the farmers to resort to either capturing or, in extreme cases, eliminating the threat.

WeWild Africa has engaged with various farmers to prevent economic losses due to leopard encounters. Our objective is to relocate these leopards, in collaboration with relevant local and provincial authorities, to areas where they contribute to the local economy instead of taking away from it. This approach ensures that leopards are valued all around. By safely capturing problem leopards under the appropriate permits, farmers can contribute to the conservation of these animals, one individual at a time. We however only ever operate under the guidance of the relevant government authorities, who make the ultimate decision to translocate the leopards.

In the instances depicted in these photos, our efforts were in collaboration with Dr. Annie Mears at the Grahamstown Vet Clinic.

WeWild Africa understands that relocating leopards is a complex process that extends beyond mere transportation. It involves a thorough assessment of the animal’s health and understanding its behaviors, such as venturing onto farmlands for easier prey. This behavior can sometimes indicate that the leopard is in the latter stages of its life, perhaps lacking the strength or dental health to hunt its natural prey.

We carefully consider the potential new habitat for relocation, analyzing factors such as the existing prey base and the impact on the local ecosystem. Our goal is to select locations where leopards can thrive naturally and contribute positively to the environment.


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