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Securing the Last Tuskers of Africa

Tembe Elephant Park, a Big 5 protected area in the northern reaches of KwaZulu Natal, known as Maputaland, recently witnessed a momentous event. On Tuesday, 19 October 2021, a breeding herd of elephants was translocated from this 30,000ha reserve to Munyawana Conservancy. This marked the first translocation of its kind from Tembe, a park established in 1983 by the behest of late Chief Mzimba Tembe, to protect both his people, the indigenous elephant population, and the unique sand forest environment which they roamed.

WeWild Africa has implemented numerous capture and translocation interventions to secure the genetics of these tusker elephants in other properties throughout South Africa. We have translocated bulls to Somkhanda Game Reserve, Buffalo Kloof Game Reserve, Munywana/Phinda Private Game Reserve, Nambiti Game Reserve and Babanango Game Reserve.

We are therefore the organization at the forefront of moving these genetics into new areas to infuse them into broader populations in South Africa and securing them for future generations.

To monitor these giant pachyderms, the park employs a sophisticated tracking system. Selected elephant bulls and breeding herds are equipped with Long Range (LoRa) radio collars. These advanced collars, deployed in August, replaced older models that had been in use for up to five years. WeWild Africa assisted with collaring one of the family groups in the reserve. 

Thank you to our collaborators: Tembe Elephant Park, Conservation Solutions, and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.


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